Residencial El Llano is located on the beautiful Island of La Gomera in Las Canarias.  It is a unique place, not only for its ecological richness, which coincidently was ackowledged by UNESCO in 1986 when they awarded it  with a Patrimony of Humanity, but also for the fact that it is the only island in the Archipelago that has not being affected by any type of volcanic activity.

The island in parts can be deemed as quite mountainous and wild with breath taking views, especially from the Garajonay Peak located in the islands National Park which also bears the same name.  The peak is regarded as the highest pont on the island, measuring in height exactly 1,487 metres.  The surrounding national park is a treasure trove of natural beauty, providing one of the best examples of laurasilva and extradinary volcanic rock formations.

La Gomera from a historical perspective as we can see has, had a very interesting history. For example around  the beginning of the the fifteenth century it was conquered  by Jean Bethencourt under the Crown of Castile which was a medivel and modern state in the Iberian Penninsula. However, one of its most notable and historical recognition was that it played a part in the discovery of America.  It is from here that Admiral Christopher Columbus departed on September 6th 1492 heading towards the New World.

On a historically cultural note one of the interesting things to come out of La Gomera is the whistle language.  Originating from the Aboriginal settlers it was used as a means of communicating long distances, for example. between one deep canyon another. Nowadays it is taught at school and will be awarded by the UNESCO as an Intangible Patrimony of Humanity.